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My name is Melissa C, I'm 15 years old in the 9th grade. I attend Carnahan high school. This is my first class I took on an engineering i like it alot I want to take the other engineering class next year (P.O.D). I like certain things about the class & also dislike some too. The things i like about the class is that you learn how the format of the house is created (the picture of the house & how you want it to be before its actually finish getting build) I like that because I always wanted to know if the houses just turned out like that or did they have a picture or something in mind about how they wanted it build before they build it, i like that we learned how to measure different type of objects because some object like the circle i didn't knw how to measure, i like the solid object lab,i like that i learned about different type of line's like the contruction lines,i like the public cube activity, i like when we learned how to use google sketch up . I dislike that we had to draw because im not good at drawing.